Rocketplan - digitalizing the property restoration industry's paper-base workflow with a restoration management app.
UX/UI Design
Competitor Analysis
Site Map
User Flows
iOS, Web
The CEO of RocketPlan previously worked in the property restoration industry, where he faced numerous challenges due to a manual workflow that resulted in miscommunication. Currently, contractors rely on pen and paper and a camera to document damages, which must then be shared with various parties, including insurance and property owners. The RocketPlan app aims to simplify the property restoration process and make it more efficient.
What I worked on
As the only designer, I helped design new features that were needed for the MVP and also redesigned existing flows using the established style guide.
My Team
I worked with the CEO, Head of Operations, CTO, and a Developer.
The Rocketplan iOS app has been launched successfully.
Camera feature
The camera feature was designed to help users document and scan for any damages in the building.
We've enhanced this feature to enable users to take multiple photos and manage their images without leaving the camera view. Also, we've included a notes section for users to add any relevant information.
New Feature
Sketch feature
Contractors can map out the shape and dimension of the rooms that contain the damages.