Rocketplan Technologies


  • \ UX/UI Design
  • \ Competitor Analysis
  • \ Site Map
  • \ User Flows


  • \ iOS
  • \ Web


  • \ May - August 2020


  • \ Redesign parts of the existing RocketPlan app, and add new features to complete the MVP product, using the existing style guide.
The Problem

The CEO at RocketPlan use to work in the property restoration industry. In this industry the workflow relied heavily on pen and paper to track down damages, and a camera to take photos. This information then needs to be passed from . Tired of the challenges caused by miscommunication and lack of digitization, he hopes by digitalizing this process it will streamline the workflow.

The target demographic would be a restoration company looking to find a platform that can help manage all relevant information in one place.

There was an existing iOS app pre-MVP launch. When I joined I worked on adding new features and redesigned existing flows.

My Team

RocketPlan is a startup focusing on digitalizing the property restoration industry. For this project I was the sole UX/UI designer on the team and I worked with the CEO, Head of Operations, CTO, and a Developer.

My Tools

Some tools I've used to help me with the design process was Figma for the creation of screens and symbols, and InVision for prototyping.

Somethings I worked on

Redesigned the camera feature

The feature helps document damage and scan for damages within the building. 

We wanted the user to be able to take a take as many photos as possible and be able to keep track the images they’ve already documented without leaving the camera view. 

We added in a notes section so users can add additional details if needed.

Somethings I worked on

Added a new sketch feature

This sketch feature helps map out the shape and dimension of the rooms that contains the damages.

The Outcome

This product has been successfully launched and met the goal of digitalizing the restoration workflow.

Check out the RocketPlan iOS App