Hello! I'm Anna, a multidisciplinary designer based in Toronto.

I was previously a UX Designer at Ubersmith, UX/UI Designer at Rocketplan, and UX/UI Designer at Scotiabank. On the side, I have a passion for graphic design, photography, and anything creative.

I'm currently on the lookout for potential employment :)

A while back, I graduated with psychology & business co-op major and a digital arts communication minor at the University of Waterloo! I got into the world of design in a very unconventional way as I thought I was going to become a clinical psychologist. Hence the psychology major .

During school, I was a marketing coordinator at a club where I discovered the world of graphic design for posters, newsletters, and social media posts. Wanting more than just making things look beautiful, I wanted to make things usable - to solve problems people had differently. That led me to pursue a minor in digital arts communication.

I started doing passion projects, volunteering at clubs, and interning at companies to rack up design experience.

As a designer I love making things easy to use -no struggling, eye-catching, and creating a happy experience .


Ubersmith | 2022

Designing a SaaS subscription management platform that is scalable for any business type.

CF Eats Demo Image

Rocketplan app

Rocketplan Technologies | 2020

Digitalizing the property restoration industry's paper-base workflow with a restoration management app.

Universal Banker App

Scotiabank | 2018

A redesigned app that tellers used to assisted customer across Canadian branches. The goal was to eliminate desktops and have more tellers help out customers with simple requests.

Anna's Passion Project

Here are some projects I've create for school, clubs, or just for fun!

Scavenger Hunt

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Style Society

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